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About Holley: Projects

Check Out Holley Snaith's Story

Holley was honored to have NashvilleVoyager Magazine feature her in their "Inspiring Stories" section. She sat down to talk with them about her work at presidential libraries, researching country music history, challenges she has faced, and what matters the most to her. Check out the interview. 


About Me — Holley Snaith

This article is part of Holley's own story. In it, she shares how her passion for history began and the amazing places she has worked, as well as some of the trials she faced as a young professional branching out on her own.

Holley Hiking Mohonk Mountain, 7-2-2016.

How Historian Holley Snaith Brings Inspiring Stories to Light

In this interview with Christy Reyes-Birmingham of "When Women Inspire," Holley discusses some of her work as a historian, working with nonprofits, and what she hopes to accomplish in the future.


Reach out to learn more about Holley.

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