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Val-Kill Project

Restoring History

One of the most fun - and challenging - historical projects Holley has undertaken was researching and restoring original photographs at Eleanor Roosevelt's home, Val-Kill. In total, she found around one hundred photographs ER had in her home at the time of her death in 1962 and had them framed and hung for visitors to enjoy. Not only that, Holley also worked with the National Park Service to create a site to help visitors understand the history behind the photos. View the photos here


Pat Nixon at USC

The Trojan First Lady

The highlight of Holley's time working with the Richard Nixon Foundation was putting together a special exhibit on first lady Pat Nixon at her alma mater, USC. She did some digging in the archives and collaborated with USC to find some rare gems to display in the Town & Gown building. Holley also created an online exhibit to serve as a companion.


Madeleine Albright Exhibit

Read My Pins

Holley was thrilled to be interning at the FDR Library when one of their special visitors was - none other than - Madeleine Alright! She was even more excited to be asked to greet her when she arrived. Holley learned so much about Secretary Albright through her impressive collection of pins. Meeting Secretary Albright and assisting with this exhibit was something she will never forget. Read more about the exhibit here


"The Gatekeeper"

Uncovering the Story of FDR's Right-Hand Woman

In 2014, Holley was fortunate to get to know a fellow Roosevelt historian named Kathryn Smith. While interning at the FDR Library, she did some research for her book on FDR's longtime secretary and right-hand, Marguerite "Missy"LeHand. It was an amazing adventure that took Holley to Yale University's Sterling Library to dive into Ambassador William Bullitt's papers. In addition to the research, she also served as an editor for her manuscript. "The Gatekeeper" was published in September 2016, learn more about it!


A Historian's Dream App

One of the freelance projects Holley undertook is creating historic sites for the app Clio. It is so much fun researching sites across the US, writing about them, and even narrating the entries! Some of her favorite entries include: Continental Airlines General Office Building in LA, Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, Top Cottage in Hyde Park, and Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay. Check out Clio here and download on your Android/iPhone!


"Presidential Election Trivia"

What You Didn't Know About Presidential Campaigns

In 2017, Holley connected with historian Mark Thorburn on LinkedIn and discovered they had many common interests. She was honored when he asked her to edit his book "Presidential Election Trivia." This is a quick, fascinating reads revealing more than 50 facts about past presidential campaigns. Learn more about it here

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Trips To Discover

Oh The Places You'll Go

In 2019, Holley was hired as an Outreach Specialist for the digital travel magazine, Trips To Discover. As Outreach Specialist, she reached out and formed relationships with the hotels, restaurants, and sites featured in our articles. She also jumped at the opportunity to edit and fact-check articles before publication. To discover your next vacation, visit Trips To Discover

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OmniAlly Blog

Donor Recognition & Fundraising Solutions

In the summer of 2021, OmniAlly hired Holley to write and edit blog posts on donor relations. Having worked in development with nonprofits, this was a perfect contract for her. Some of the blog posts she has authored include Donor Stewardship Plans with Digital Signage and Donor Appreciation Event Themes: 5 Creative Ideas. Check out the blog here


YayWorld Sponsored Posts

Sharing Innovative Brands

In 2021, YayWorld invited Holley to write sponsored posts on different innovative brands across the globe. Holley loved sharing stories of entrepreneurs who dared to chase their dreams and launch their own business! A few of the businesses she has written about include: tentree, Blisshaus, and Babsy B. Check out her content here!