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Podcast Guest Appearances

Podcasts: Recognitions

Thought Row Podcast

January 14, 2022

Listen as Holley talks to Rod and Inci Jones about some of the fascinating people she has researched: FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, Frank Sinatra, Loretta Lynn, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Meadows. She discussed her thoughts on another New Deal, and the importance of believing in the beauty of your dreams.

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The Packaged Tourist Podcast

August 3, 2022

Holley had fun talking to Matthew DiBiase about her work at Val-Kill, a couple of her articles, her role with the Imagination Library of Middle Tennessee, and what is ahead. Give it a listen!


Civics & Coffee Podcast

September 3, 2022

Listen as Holley and Alycia discuss public history and Holley's experience in the field. She shares stories about the Eleanor Roosevelt photo restoration project, creating an exhibit on Pat Nixon at the University of Southern California, and advice she has for those interested in entering public history.


Tales from a Wandering Scribe Podcast

March 6, 2023

Holley had an in-depth discussion with fellow historian and writer Gabriel Garcia on his podcast. Among the many topics covered, Holley shares how she started writing after working at presidential libraries, who she writes for, what inspires her, what's ahead, and words of wisdom she has for aspiring authors and historians.


History, Books & Wine Podcast

May 23, 2023

Join Holley as she chats with authors Eliza Knight and Lori Ann Bailey about her article "Marilyn Monroe Gets Down to Business" published in the Spring 2023 edition of American Heritage Magazine.

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